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You're a fucking idiot and your friend is worse. It's not me who looks like an idiot, it's not me who's words your saying are false. It's CHRIS COLFER. CHRIS said those things, CHRIS felt like he had to make it clear that he isn't with Darren, CHRIS is the one who's subjected to bullying every fucking day because he dares be open about having a boyfriend in 2014. There's a fucking reason Will's social media accounts are locked when you guys attacked him before you knew his name. Twat.


Thank you my darling. There really is nothing like being called names by someone hiding behind a grey face but anyway I think you’re a little confused - Will didn’t make his accounts private because of us - he made them private because crazy bitches in your fandom decided stalk all of his accounts and put his personal shit on tumblr. But again of course it’s all our fault.


You know, most days, I’m all fluttery about the Noel Coward biopic because Chris is playing a legend, because he’s singing, because it’s aqueer role that doesn’t revolve around being queer, because cheek and chic, pose and poise, because Coward and Colfer actually have an icredible amount of similarities in their genious journeys, because it’s shaping up to be big and important, because Chris is continuing to act after Glee and doesn’t seem to want to lock himself up in his home to only write because Scary Dame That Fame just yet, because there’s so much material for him to seek his talented lovely teeth into, because he seems so excited to do just that…

And sometimes, my brain sort of gives up on me, and then I’m all fluttery because What if we get to see the butt.